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Online Collaboration

Efficient Collaboration

- MTMS Network offers a seamless platform for teams to collaborate and communicate efficiently.
- With features such as private meeting rooms, live events, and team management tools, teams can easily stay connected and work together effectively.
Education Hub


- Encourage people to create & share better knowledge
- Create Work/Study Room together and Earn
- Motivate people to acquire more knowledge
- Enable more interactive environment for online activities
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Monetization Opportunities

MTMS Network offers various monetization opportunities for its users. With the ability to earn rewards, MTMS tokens, and participate in NFTs, users can benefit from their time and contributions to the platform.
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Crypto Integration

- MTMS Network integrates with various cryptocurrencies and wallets, making it easy for users to connect and transact with their preferred digital currencies.
- This integration allows for a seamless and secure experience for all users.
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The Future of Meetings
Meet & Earn

MTMS offers a variety of features including:

  • Virtual study and work rooms: Global virtual rooms for studying and working together.
  • Virtual consultant rooms: Global virtual rooms for offering virtual services such as consulting, marketing, and more.
  • Private meeting and video call functions: Private functions for users to conduct meetings or calls with specific individuals or groups.
  • NFT ads portal: A unique advertising experience where brands and individuals can purchase NFTs to show their ads on the platform, and users can earn tokens by clicking on the ads.