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Online Collaboration

Efficient Collaboration

MTMS Edu is designed to support educators in efficiently managing their live courses and training jobs.
With the help of the public course template, both educators and learners can easily communicate and join virtual rooms to participate in courses.
Education Hub


MTMS Edu is an online education platform that aims to connect educators and learners worldwide, offering a diverse range of live classes and interactive learning experiences.
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Monetization Opportunities

MTMS Network offers various monetization opportunities for its users. With the ability to earn rewards, MTMS tokens, and participate in NFTs, users can benefit from their time and contributions to the platform.
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Crypto Integration

- MTMS Network integrates with various cryptocurrencies and wallets, making it easy for users to connect and transact with their preferred digital currencies.
- This integration allows for a seamless and secure experience for all users.
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MTMS EcoSYstem 

Learn & Earn

MTMS token is a cryptocurrency token associated with the MTMS Edu platform

Creators or instructors on the MTMS Edu platform are educators or subject matter experts who offer their expertise and knowledge to learners through live courses

Learners on the MTMS Edu platform are individuals of all ages and backgrounds who seek quality educational opportunities and interactive learning experiences.