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Introducing GloboRoom – Your Gateway to the Future of Learning

In a rapidly evolving world, the way we learn and educate is transforming at an astonishing pace. Traditional classrooms are no longer the sole source of knowledge, and digital platforms have become the new frontier for educators and learners alike.

Enter GloboRoom, a cutting-edge platform that redefines the art of teaching and learning. Born from the vision of MTMS Network Pty Ltd, GloboRoom represents the next generation of education—a place where educators and learners unite seamlessly, transcending geographical boundaries.

GloboRoom App is available on the App Store and Google Play.

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Live Education Network


Connect Globally

With GloboRoom, educators can reach a global audience, sharing their expertise with learners from diverse backgrounds. It's the ultimate platform to showcase your knowledge to the world.

Unlock Your Potential

Learners, on the other hand, gain access to a vast array of courses, covering a spectrum of subjects. Whether you're seeking personal growth, career advancement, or simply exploring your passions, GloboRoom has something for everyone.


Interactive Learning:

GloboRoom fosters interactive and engaging learning experiences. Live courses, real-time discussions, and collaborative projects bring education to life, making it more than just a passive experience.

Innovation at Its Core

With MTMS Meeting as its backbone, GloboRoom offers tools for seamless course setup and collaboration. It's a holistic approach to online learning, designed with both educators and learners in mind.
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Why Choose GloboRoom?

We understand that the virtual classroom has unique challenges and requirements. That’s why GloboRoom stands out with its powerful features designed to make your teaching journey more effective and engaging.

Here’s a comparison of GloboRoom with other online meeting platform:

Feature GloboRoom Teaching and learning by other online meeting platform
Seamless Course Setup: GloboRoom simplifies setting up live courses. You can easily create courses, list market place, sell course, engage in discussions, upload materials, and more – all within a user-friendly interface.
Course Landing Pages: GloboRoom offers informative course landing pages that help attract learners and provide valuable insights into your courses.
Social Networking Features: Connect with your favourite educators and stay updated on their courses. Engage in discussions with educators and learners for enhanced interaction.
Flexible Meeting Scheduling: GloboRoom offers flexibility in meeting scheduling, allowing you to set up meetings at your convenience. Whether it’s a daily, weekly, or monthly occurrence, it’s made simple with a single setup.
Dedicated Public Educator Profiles: At GloboRoom, educators can craft their dedicated public profiles. These profiles serve as a platform to showcase their expertise, achievements, teaching experience, social network links, and other relevant information. It’s the ideal place to flex your skills and introduce your range of courses to the world.
Course Marketplace: List your courses in GloboRoom’s vibrant marketplace, making it easy for learners to discover and enroll in your classes.
Follow Educator Function: Build a dedicated following by allowing learners to stay updated on your courses and expertise.
Invitations and Notifications: Invite your network to join your courses effortlessly, and notifications will keep your audience informed about your offerings.
User-Friendly Interface: GloboRoom prioritizes ease of use, making it accessible for both educators and learners, enhancing the online learning experience.

Create an Account: Begin your GloboRoom journey by signing up. Discover a world of live sessions and learning opportunities, as well as a powerful meeting tool to connect with educators and learners alike.

How We Can Help: Our platform features a comprehensive marketplace for you to explore and a versatile meeting tool to facilitate seamless communication.

Become an Educator: Share your knowledge and expertise by becoming an educator. Prepare your course content and set up your profile to showcase your skills. Send a request to become an educator on GloboRoom.

How GloboRoom Supports You: We provide a range of tools to simplify the course setup process. From creating landing pages to handling the payment system and providing a communication environment, we’ve got you covered. This way, you can focus on what you do best – teaching and delivering valuable content.