MTMS Network Pty Ltd

Established in 2022 and headquartered in Australia, MTMS Network is a visionary enterprise founded by a Vietnamese-Australian team with a noble mission: to cultivate a unicorn company driven by Vietnamese innovation. MTMS Network has unveiled two groundbreaking solutions: Globoroom – The Live Education Network and MTMS Meeting.

Globoroom is an ingenious platform that serves as a global nexus connecting educators and learners through immersive live course sessions. This platform simplifies the setup of live courses and facilitates seamless enrollment, making the process of teaching and learning more accessible and engaging.

Complementing Globoroom, MTMS Meeting offers a versatile tool that streamlines the organization and management of meetings on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. MTMS Meeting plays a pivotal role in supporting Globoroom, aiding in the setup of live courses and fostering collaborative interactions.

Our visionary founding team firmly believes that the future of education lies in live courses, and MTMS Network aspires to take the lead in this transformative journey. Our goal is to ascend to the pinnacle of the live education network market, providing innovative solutions that empower educators and learners worldwide

Founder Team

Team Vincent
Vincent Bui
Team Peter
Peter Huynh
Team Son Dinh
Son Dinh
Team Ly Qui Trung
Ly Qui Trung
Co-Founder / Business Strategy Development
Team Duc Le
Duke Le
Co-Founder / CFO
Team Anna Vu
Anna Vu